The Vision:

Rocom Corporation strives to be the worlds leading supplier of flexible shaft couplings to the motion control industry. We are achieving this by continuing to supply our exclusive, proprietary, and patented flexible shaft couplings as well as improved alternatives to existing flexible shaft couplings by introducing creative cost saving manufacturing techniques and cutting edge materials.
The Mission:

Rocom Corporation develops, designs, and manufacturers flexible shaft couplings for the motion control industry. It is our mission to supply our clients with quality flexible shaft couplings in a friendly and professional manner by applying our unique plain English and common sense approach to all aspects of our business.

About this web site:

Welcome to the virtual home of Rocom corporation. No doubt you have visited other web sites dedicated to flexible shaft couplings so chances are you will notice right away there is something very different with ours.

This site is written in plain English. You will not find much ad copy or pretentious technical jargon in the text. The numbers speak for themselves and all the add copy in the world wont help if we can't deliver our flexible shaft couplings exactly as we promise.

The dimensional and performance data for all of our flexible shaft couplings is presented in a single table format. No more moving back and forth between tables to get the information necessary for making an informed choice.

Rocom Corporation has made no assumptions regarding your application. You will not find anything like "Reversing load" figurers that assume application specific criteria like inertia and excel/decel profiles. What you will find are plenty of tools to help make an informed selection of your flexible shaft couplings.

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