Table of Contents
A Series
The precision general purpose flexible coupling. Six short double tapered curved beams.
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C Series
A precision short version of the "B Series". The coupling is mounted firmly with ID to OD serrations held in place with an internal cap screw.
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E Series
A coupling with an expandable shaft. The split shaft expands and grips the pilot hole in the end of a large diameter shaft to connect digital tachometers.
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H Series
The high performance three beam coupling. High torque and torsional stiffness. Small misalignment .001 to .005, 0.5 to 1.5°.
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B Series
Designed for precision rotating components. Six short thin double tapered cured beams.

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D Series
A heavy duty coupling. Has a large amount of misalignment and axial motion. More space between each beam for greater misalignment.
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F Series
To couple encoders and other transducers to large diameter shafts without adapters or stub shafts. Six short double tapered curved beams.

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